BEA Submits Specifications from Workshop to JCP

BEA Systems Inc. is looking to make it easier for non-J2EE experts to build enterprise-class Web services by
turning specifications developed for its WebLogic Workshop into a J2EE standard through the Java Community Process (JCP).
At the JavaOne Developer Conference in San Francisco Monday, BEA filed the first of a series of Java Standard Requests (JSRs) that
have grown out of its BEA WebLogic Workshop.

BEA submitted JSR 175, a Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language, which allows programmers to use declarations to
control the behavior of their programs. BEA said it makes it easier for developers to configure enterprise Java programs in a simple
and uniform way in the Java code itself.

Introduced in beta last month, WebLogic Workshop is an integrated development framework for business application developers on the
BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform. WebLogic Workshop features an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating, testing and
debugging Web service applications; a visual development environment that allows developers to leverage Java skills without having
to learn the details of object-oriented programming; integrated debugging and test environments that allow developers to build, test
and debug applications in the same environment; automatically generated service overviews to provide descriptions of WebLogic
Workshop applications that make it easier for other developers to discover, study, test and consume Web services; and two-way code
editing to ensure that changes made to source code are immediately reflected in the graphical depiction of the Web service and vice

“With BEA WebLogic Workshop, BEA has taken a giant step forward in empowering the rapid development and deployment of robust
asynchronous Web services,” said Bill Snider, senior software architect with Dataloft Inc., an early adopter customer of BEA’s new
development framework. “Workshop’s elegant design and straightforward approach open up a world of opportunities for IT departments
to inexpensively automate new business processes.”

BEA also announced strategic partner and early customer support for WebLogic Workshop Monday. BEA said that it has partnered with
Allidex, Flamenco Networks, Grand Central Communications and Wily Technology to work on security, management and monitoring. To
advance WebLogic Workshop in the Web services and standards front, the company has teamed with Adobe Systems, Altova, Borland,
eXcelon, Infragistics, Ipedo, NeoCore and TogetherSoft. The company is also working with Palm on mobile Web services.

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