BEA Tweaks Java Virtual Machine

BEA Systems refreshed
its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) program, tailoring it to better support Intel’s IA-32 architecture and
its own WebLogic Enterprise Platform.

BEA WebLogic JRockit 8.0, which according to Bob Griswold, vice president and general
manager of the Java RunTime Products Group at BEA, is the first offering of
a standalone JVM geared for the Intel Itanium 2 processor. A JVM is a
platform-neutral execution program that converts Java bytecode into machine
language and runs it.

Griswold said JRockit, acquired from Sweden’s Appeal Virtual Machines, is the foundation of BEA’s strategy to give customers
an attractive combination of price and performance, because it makes it
possible for customers to choose reasonable priced hardware and operating
systems for applications.

BEA WebLogic JRockit 8.0 is fitted with features to boost developer
productivity, such as improved profiling and debugging interfaces (JVMPI and
JVMDI), which can allow developers to jazz up application performance and
locate and resolve application issues.

It is also better suited to run with BEA WebLogic Workshop, as well as
third-party development and profiling tools, such as Intel’s VTune
Performance Analyzer, which The works with JRockit to allow software
developers to identify bottlenecks in their Java code.

Griswold said Microsoft used to provide Intel JVMs, but has ceased enhancing its products in recent years, creating a hole BEA was eager to fill.

“We looked closely at the industry and saw over the last couple of years
that Intel’s share of enterprise Java deployments was very low,” Griswold “Looking into the root cause, we realize there was
no good JVM for the Intel architecture.”

Griswold, who claimed JRockit is faster than JVMs by Sun or IBM, pointed to
benchmark results on Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation’s (SPEC) Web site, said JRockit has been awarded top
industry ratings for performance on certain hardware and operating system

“Running the SPECjbb2000 benchmark, an independently designed and validated
benchmark that measures the performance of servers running typical Java
business applications, BEA WebLogic JRockit achieved the number one and
number two results on 4-way server systems running Windows and Linux,”
Griswold said.

BEA WebLogic JRockit 8.0 is scheduled to be demonstrated this week at the
Intel Developer Forum in the San Jose Convention Center. BEA WebLogic
JRockit 8.0 is available immediately for free download here.

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