BullSoft Upgrades Firewall for Enterprises

Enterprise service provider BullSoft
Tuesday rolled out an enhanced version of its AccessMaster NetWall firewall
that promises to reduce the cost of managing the multiple firewalls needed
to protect the different parts of an enterprise’s e-infrastructure.

The new NetWall V5.2 software
makes it possible to translate an organization’s business-oriented security
policy directly into the configuration of hundreds of firewalls. It also
provides users with the ability to secure and manage a large enterprise’s
network connectivity based on access requirements and business
considerations, and thus reduce the cost of operation in several areas.

One of the key aspects of NetWall is that it lets uses express their
enterprise security policy in a business-oriented way by partitioning the
organization into zones of confidence, which determine specific access
privileges. NetWall Administration Console then automatically converts these
business-oriented policies into the specific rules needed for each firewall
and securely downloads the configurations.

“For a large organization, putting in place a strong Internet/Intranet
security policy requires not only consolidating the protection of
each access point, but above all the ability to manage all of them
coherently as a whole,” said Francois-Xavier Debrosse of with
Deloitte & Touche.

“Ideally it should be possible to derive and deploy a global network
security policy directly from the business
objectives of each department within the organization’s overall security
policy. BullSoft brings an interesting new approach to solving
this problem.”

AccessMaster NetWall prices range from $2,000 for 25-user AccessMaster
NetWall Internet protection, to $21,940 for a [email protected] system with
unlimited address protection.

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