Campus Pipeline Forms Alliances for Intranets

Campus Pipeline, Inc., a developer of intranets for higher education, Wednesday announced a number of strategic alliances aimed at expanding its services to schools nationwide.

The Campus Pipeline platform is an official campus intranet designed to connect students with their campus community, academic resources and administrative services. Customized for each university and personalized for each individual, the Campus Pipeline system allows students to save
time and frustration by giving them access to their entire campus from anywhere at any time, the company said.

New partners announced Wednesday include Dell,,,,, HearMe,,, Software Buyline
and Each company has forged an agreement to bring content, e-commerce and technology to
students, faculty and staff through the Campus Pipeline platform.

“Powerful alliances enable Campus Pipeline to bring schools and their communities some of the best
applications, content, and services available,” said Chad Muir, CEO of Campus Pipeline. “The Campus
Pipeline platform is an unbeatable solution because it bridges what schools and students want to what
they need to succeed. Most freshmen today have never known a time without computers and they expect
technology to grow with them and be available when they need it.”

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