Companies Partner For New Intranet Offering

Bright Tiger Technologies this week announced they are partnering to offer
a range of new intranet server applications.

RADWARE’s Web Server Director family of hardware load balancing products
are designed to distribute IP traffic between multiple servers or sites,
ensuring fault tolerance and redundancy. The system dynamically balances
loads to relieve congestion and ensure fault tolerance between servers and

Bright Tiger’s ClusterCATS software manages Web resources to ensure
availability and peak performance. The product continuously monitors and
manages site resource location, availability and performance and
synchronizes changes to intranet sites acoss a variety of servers. It also
detects and shields users from busy servers.

Used together, ClusterCATS will monitor Web resources and report
performance and availability problems to Web Server Director. WSD will
automatically redirect and optimize traffic, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Jim Hourihan, Bright Tiger’s vice president of marketing, said the two
products make for a perfect fit.

“Together, they offer our present user base a leap in performance without
having to replace existing equipment,” he said.

Michael Long, RADWARE’s vice president of technology, said Web Server
Director and ClusterCATS will help administrators ensure their systems will
be available.

“Collectively, the product combination will provide users with a local
and/or global solution that will guarantee increased reliability,
performance and management,” he said.

Pricing for ClusterCATS starts at $5,000 and Web Server Director starts at

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