Compaq Thinks Enterprise at Comdex

Compaq Computer Corp. teamed with Infowave Software Inc. to create two
wireless iPAQ solutions to help businesses communicate better.

Specific financials of the deal were not disclosed.

Powered by Infowave’s Wireless Business Engine®, Compaq’s iPAQnet
Mobile Email is a business solution that delivers secure wireless access to
Microsoft™ Exchange e-mail from wireless iPAQ Pocket PC devices.
iPAQnet Mobile Intranet offers secure wireless access to corporate intranets
and Web-based applications.

Available in December, the wireless solutions are sold in four ways: through
Compaq’s direct enterprise sales force, Compaq’s DirectPlus Web
site, Compaq resellers and through Compaq’s worldwide Professional Services

Infowave also released a Compaq bundle that includes the Compaq
ProLiant® server and Infowave’s Wireless Business Engine. This bundle
is available through the same Compaq distribution channels and is targeted
at Compaq enterprise customers with existing laptops and other mobile

“With these wireless solutions, Compaq and Infowave are delivering anytime,
anywhere, access to corporate e-mail and Intranets,” said Ted Clark,
Compaq’s vice president of wireless Internet solutions.

Wireless industry analyst Andrew Seybold said that while many firms have
entered the wireless enterprise arena, Compaq has already delivered
solutions, fulfilling promises before rival firms.

“By partnering with companies that have proven wireless products like
Infowave, Compaq is clearly establishing a “first to market” advantage in
bringing these powerful solutions to mainstream business,” Seybold said.

The two solutions were announced Monday at Comdex Fall as part of Compaq’s
iPAQnet® Mobility Solutions initiative. Both solutions are
client/server software systems that start at $150 per seat.

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