Compaq Wants to Make Enterprises Mobile

Compaq Computer Corp. Wednesday moved aggressively to capture the attention of enterprises with mobile workforces
with new access and infrastructure solutions for Microsoft Mobile Information Server 2002 (MIS).

The company’s solutions are aimed at giving customers wireless access to their Microsoft Exchange 2000 messaging through cellular
and Wi-Fi networks.

Compaq unveiled packaged solutions for MIS — including Compaq iPAQ Pocket PCs, Compaq ProLiant servers, PMCIA Cellular and WiFi
cards, CDPD Airtime Services, MIS 2002 Enterprise Edition and other required software — as well as installation and start-up
services from Compaq Global Services. Customers can also choose to purchase Compaq’s new CarePaq installation and start-up services
for MIS 2002. CarePaq provides installation and configuration of a single server.

On the Managed Mobility solutions front, the company is offering customized, end-to-end wireless solutions based on Microsoft
Exchange that are completely managed by Compaq. The company said it will integrate, manage, and support MIS solutions, from hosting
the ProLiant servers and iPAQ Pocket PCs to coordinating with customers’ wireless carriers.

“Compaq is the only solutions provider with all the resources needed to wirelessly mobilize an enterprise for maximum business
benefit,” said Jerry Meerkatz, vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Mobility Solutions Group at Compaq. “By
combining MIS software with the iPAQ Pocket PC and Compaq ProLiant servers — brought together by Compaq Global Services — we’re
providing customers with faster access to their data and email in Exchange environments, which ultimately means a higher return on
their investments.”

The promise of MIS is the ability to allow employees to access their email inboxes, calendar and contacts, meeting notifications,
and view Word and Excel attachments while on the move.

Telefonica Moviles is one company that took Compaq up on that promise, working on a pilot program with Compaq and Microsoft. It
plans to begin offering service to its customers this month, using Compaq Global Services to provide MIS hosting and support, and to
install MIS software for its customers.

“Working with Compaq Global Services and Microsoft, we are deploying an enhanced enterprise wireless communication service for our
mobile enterprise customers that will deliver the wireless services they need to increase productivity and competitiveness,” said
Jose Maria Soler, partnership director, Telefonica Moviles. “Our customers will be able to feel confident about addressing crucial
business needs from wherever they are in the world.”

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