Computer Literacy Offers Tech Bookstores to Corporate Intranets

Computer Literacy,
an online retailer of books for technology professionals, launched FindITnow,
a program intended for businesses to provide customized technical resource
stores on their corporate intranets.

Through the program, Computer Literacy builds a custom storefront on the
corporate partner’s intranet, providing employees with a quick, easy way to
find and order technical and business books, manuals and training materials.

Each technical resource store, co-branded by Computer Literacy and the
corporate partner, provides full access to Computer Literacy’s selection of
more than 800 technical subject categories, as well as advanced tools and
services to help employees find up-to-date solutions to their technical

Computer Literacy’s customized technical resource store program offers
corporate partners a single, approved source for purchasing all technology-
related information through easy, secured transactions from the internal
network. Corporate purchases from a FindITnow store can be covered by a
blanket purchase order, credit cards or other billing plans. All orders can be
subject to approval by a designated manager. And there is
no cost to corporate partners for building the store.

Each customized technical resource store delivers features like a search
engine, easy navigation, bestseller lists, recommendations from technology
experts, same-day shipping, notification when new titles are in stock, table
of contents previews, and online reviews by authors, experts and customers. In
addition, the FindITnow store can be customized not only for a company but
also for individual corporate departments.

To see an online demo, click here.

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