Digital Pipe Facilitates Enterprise Learning

Intranet content network maker Digital
Pipe Inc.
this week agreed to license its top-flight solution to
e-learning specialist Saba.

Saba will offer customers Digital Pipe’s nCORE&#153 so
they may add rich media into their course designs, as well as high-bandwidth
streaming video to be included in the e-learning curriculum run by Saba.

Financial terms were not made public.

Digital Pipe’s product suite is key because, by placing content on
intranets, content providers can avoid the bottlenecks of the Internet
and enterprise networks by enabling content to be stored and delivered
locally throughout the enterprise network. The content is cleaner and
secured by the company’s firewall. And because Digital Pipe sells the
infrastructure and maintains it after deployment, customers are quickly up
and running.

Saba customers, including Cisco Systems
, Sun Microsystems
and Ford Co.,
can now grab rich media content that enhances employee
learning and retention.

What’s more, IT departments are saved the stress of worrying about network
congestion when they use Digital Pipe’s nCORE&#153. Saba will also be able
to compete better with a number of firms that are hailing streaming video as
the next messiah for classrooms and other educational sectors.

“We partnered with Digital Pipe to supply customers with a streaming media
solution for effectively deploying enterprise-wide learning,” said Bobby
Yazdani, Saba’s president and chief executive officer. “With digital content
increasing in demand and file size, we need to offer our clients a reliable
distribution technology like Digital Pipe’s streaming media solution.”

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