EchoStar Brings Streaming Video to Office Desktop

EchoStar Communications Corp.
Thursday introduced DISHLink, a system for delivering
broadband content and video channels to the office desktop.

DISHLink is an
intranet appliance that connects a customer’s Local Area Network (LAN) to
EchoStar’s DISH Network satellite TV system,
providing a way to distribute large data files as well as live streaming
video via EchoStar’s satellites to PCs in remote U.S. locations.

DISHLink transmits documents at speeds of up to 27 Mb/s and its video
streaming option provides companies with the capability of delivering video
to desktop PCs and to remote locations at a lower cost than high-speed
terrestrial networks.

Live video such as news, speeches, and educational or
training classes, as well as popular satellite TV channels, can be encoded
and broadcast via satellite as IP multicast streams where they can be viewed
on desktop or laptop PCs. Desktop video provides alternative ways of training
and communicating with employees, partners, and customers and is the most
effective way to offer training and to distribute corporate communications.

In addition to carrying private network content, DISHLink can also provide a
selection of live channels on each office PC to keep employees up to date on
news and information necessary for the work place. A standard Web browser
allows DISHLink users to change channels or view the program guide.

DISHLink requires no additional hardware or software to operate. EchoStar
provides DISHLink customers with a secure FTP server that automatically
schedules data and video files for delivery at the appropriate time and data

Live streaming video can be multicast over the subscribers LAN at
adjustable data rates from 100 kb/s to 1.5 Mb/s. No additional bandwidth is
required to support multiple, simultaneous viewers. DISHLink services are
transmitted from EchoStar’s fleet of five satellites to a small dish at each
subscriber’s location.

Two models of DISHLink are available: DISHLink 100 and DISHLink 100VR.
DISHLink 100 can deliver data files while the DISHLink 100VR can deliver both
data files and streaming video.

DISHLink will be available in mid-April with
prices beginning at $1,000 each per unit depending on options and quantities.
Monthly service fees start at $30 per month. For more information, visit

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