Eprise Quickens Web Content Distribution with New Suite

Framingham, Mass.’s Eprise Corp. Wednesday rolled out a content deployment
suite as the newest arrival to the firm’s family of content management
products for the Web.

The Eprise Content Deployment Suite (ECDS) takes dynamic content that has
been created by an Eprise authoring server and automatically restores and
synchronizes it for delivery across multiple deployment servers.

The combination of Eprise Participant Server, which was upgraded last week, and ECDS aims to entice customers with a scalable
solution for enterprise content creation, management and distribution.

Within an Eprise environment, ECDS can replicate content throughout a local
server farm to support load-balanced sites or to duplicate content from a
central authoring server to other remote Web servers. Users’ interaction on
the site is never interrupted by updates because multiple servers can
receive new content without having to go offline for a spell.

For Eprise, it’s all about minimizing the IT workload by automating content
updates across numerous servers. ECDS enables rules and quality levels to be
defined to assure that content is properly replicated and staged before
updates are published.

Eprise already has an international customer using ECDS. Babcock Borsig, a
company specializing in power engineering and shipbuilding, deployed ECDS to
streamline the company data distribution process for its global intranet,
which is used by more than 30,000 employees.

“We tapped Eprise, and specifically ECDS, because it enabled us to easily
manage content among our unique business units and share that information
across multiple Web sites,” said Gunter Peters, who is responsible for
e-business strategies and large-scale IT projects at Babcock Borsig.

Eprise also incorporated technology from Inktomi Corp.’s Content Delivery
Suite for ECDS under a pre-existing agreement.

Priced at $70,000, ECDS is currently available from Eprise in a package that
includes a license for the controller server and licenses for five content
deployment agents. Volume pricing, along with licenses for the content
deployment agents alone, are also available.

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