Exalead Searches the Work Group

Exalead announced Wednesday an enterprise search product designed for small businesses or corporate divisions.

Exalead one:workgroup is built on the company’s exalead one:search technology platform, extending it from the desktop to servers. The company said it offers a more natural way to access unstructured information.

Exalead also released updates to the professional edition of its desktop search software, exalead one:desktop.

The exalead one:workgroup 4.0 product is fully integrated with the company’s desktop search software, running in a Microsoft Windows-based server environment. According to the company, the software is designed to be plug-and-play, with minimal need for customization. Customers don’t need to create dictionaries or taxonomies; content is automatically classified.

“With exalead one:workgroup, small businesses now have a flexible software solution that can scale with business growth, and more importantly, doesn’t require the complexity and cost of professional services,” said François Bourdoncle, president and CEO of Exalead, in a statement.

Google claims that its Google Search Appliance is practically plug-anywhere from 20 to 90 percent of corporate information that may remain dark to its enterprise search tool.

But Google seems to be moving in the opposite direction. On Tuesday, it announced a deal with BearingPoint in which the professional services firm will resell the appliance, while hooking it into siloed data in legacy applications and databases.

Exalead’s Ceo recently told internetnews.com that his company’s product took a unique approach by merging all the search results together and then letting searchers narrow the search across the PC, Web and corporate servers.

The software offers real-time indexing, spelling suggestion, phonetic and proximity search, fuzzy matching, word stemming, multi-language search, automatic phrase detection, automatic translation and visual previews of all search results.

Exalead also unveiled updates to its exalead one:desktop software, adding MSI Compliance, which allows for automated mass deployment of the software on multiple desktops within an organization and group policy management.

Exalead one:workgroup 4.0 is available for download, with pricing beginning at $2,995 per server.

The Google Mini Search Appliance, which supports search of up to 300,000 documents, also begins at $2,995.

Exalead is an operating unit of Qualis, an international holding company with principal offices in Paris.

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