Fujitsu Brings New Tablet to Life

Fujitsu unveiled a lightweight, high-powered tablet notebook PC on Monday.

The LifeBook P1500 Series has an 8.9-inch touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi, an integrated fingerprint reader and a convertible form factor, all weighing in at 2.2 pounds. The convertible form factor lets users switch between a flat slate and a clamshell notebook with a full, 85 percent-sized keyboard. It can be docked for desktop use with a monitor.

“There’s no compromise here,” said Paul Moore, Fujitsu Computer Systems director of mobile product marketing. “It’s not a PDA or CE device, or one that only runs light versions of software.”

The LifeBook runs Windows XP, along with ritePen 2.5 handwriting recognition and EverNote 1.0 note-taking productivity software. Users can write anywhere on the screen, switching from touch-screen to handwriting. For example, they can open a Web browser by touching the desktop icon with a stylus or a finger, tap the address bar to highlight it, then write the desired URL anywhere on the screen.

The device runs on an Intel Pentium M ULV 753 and Intel 915GMS chipset, and comes with up to 1 gigabyte of system memory. According to Moore, average battery life without Wi-Fi use is around 3.5 hours; an optional extended battery boosts computing time to 7.5 hours.

While Fujitsu has seen success with its tablets in vertical markets including health care, sales and field force automation, the company hopes to add consumers to the list of admirers.

“We’ve evolved over the years,” Moore said. Existing customers had asked for a more powerful processor, bigger hard drive, more memory and brighter screens. “If we met those needs, the current installed base would be happy. If we improved it, we could broaden the market for it.”

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