Google Touts Bigger Mini

One year after Google began offering enterprise search to small and medium-sized businesses, it has ramped
up its appliance with two new capacity upgrades.

The new versions join last year’s Google Mini appliance, a search product
that is an integrated hardware and software search solution that enables
corporations, universities and government agencies to deliver
“Google-quality” search results on their corporate networks and public Web sites, according to the company.

Google Mini is now available with extended capacities of 200,000 documents for
$5,995 and 300,000 documents for $8,995, in addition to the current 100,000
document version available for $2,995.

For larger businesses and government organizations, the search giant offers the Google Search Appliance for ranging in price from $30,000 to $600,000 per appliance depending on capacity.

Sheth said there are thousands of Google Minis now in use that search Web sites and
intranets used in businesses all over the world.

The search giant said it has kept the bright blue Mini box and the same
plug-and-play simplicity, but added more capacity to meet the growing
content needs of users.

“What we are seeing is the Mini has become the de facto standard for Web
site search,” Sheth said.

The Google Mini works with more than 220 different file formats, can be set up in less than an hour and requires minimal ongoing administration, according to the company.

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