HP Unveils New Linux Lineup

Hewlett-Packard Compay took a bold step today against the backdrop of a still-shaky economy to accelerate the push for Linux-supported business solutions and display its improved lineup of Linux-based hardware, customized software, and service offerings for the business and telecommunications industries.

Among its wares on display at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo are Linux-based workstations, Linux solutions for Officejet and inkjet printers, Opencall software developer’s kit, and the company’s newest Linux-based servers based on open industry-standard technology and the Intel architecture for the telecommunications industry.

Software manageability offerings include HP Servicecontrol Manager, Toptools, and HP MC/Serviceguard. The company also plans to introduce a pay-per-use utility pricing program for Linux service providers (available in Spring 2002) designed to give service providers a stronger hold on information technology fluctuations in accordance with company revenue.

HP’s planned acquisition of Compaq is expected to boost the acceptance of Linux solutions within the industry as well as catapult HP into one of the top three spots in the computer market, alongside IBM and Electronic Data Systems. IBM is another industry force currently embracing the resurgence of Linux-operated systems.

“To ensure long-term success, Linux needs to gain wider enterprise adoption and an increased presence in the Internet infrastructure,” said Martin Fink, general manager, HP Linux Systems Operation. “This is precisely where HP continues to focus its R&D efforts and collaborate with other Linux and open standards leaders.”

In addition to HP-UX and Windows, Linux is among three key operating systems that HP uses for its customers.

HP currently provides Linux-based services to companies such as Amazon, BMW, Boeing, HSBCs Brazilian bank operations, Speedera, ViaWest, and Verizon’s India operations.

For HP’s 2001 fiscal year, the company reported revenues of $45.2 billion.

HP Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina is slated to deliver the keynote address at LinuxWorld on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

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