Hummingbird Unveils Enterprise Portal Suite

Hummingbird Ltd.
Wednesday unveiled a new suite that will enable users to perform a variety of functions within a central platform.

The suite will enable users to perform collaborative tasks such as checking
a business intelligence report into the document management system and
building document binders for information delivery without having to enter a
specific application environment to access that particular functionality.

The tool features XML-based third party application integration:
specifically, support for scripting languages including BML, JavaScript,
VBScript, ActivePearl, Jpython, JACL and NetREXX.

One analyst is completely sold on the qualities of Hummingbird’s portal

“Hummingbird continues to exhibit their clear understanding of the value
proposition and technology requirements for a portal,” says Carl Frappaolo,
executive vice president of Delphi Group. “Its Enterprise Portal Suite has
been architected with a user-centric focus. Integration and technology are
transparent to the end-user, with functionality and process in the

Brian McDonough, senior analyst, knowledge management and intranet
strategies at IDC, said the market is flooded with demand for independent
platforms, such as Hummingbird’s portal suite.

The portal suite will ship in the next 30 days.

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