IBM Picks Symantec For eNetwork Firewall Solutions

Symantec Corp.’s Norton AntiVirus products have been chosen by IBM Corp. for inclusion in the IBM eNetwork Firewall Solution Pack.

The anti-virus products that will be incorporated in IBM’s network
security software include Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95/98, Norton
AntiVirus for Windows NT Workstation/Server and Norton AntiVirus for Internet
E-mail Gateways.

Symatec said it was picked as an IBM program partner after Norton AntiVirus
passed IBM’s compatibility testing.

According to Symantec, few firewalls provide the robust functionality
necessary for protection against viruses,
unauthorized applets or executable object access, Trojan horses, internal
threats, and more.

IBM said its eNetwork Firewall Solution Pack Partner Program meets these
security needs. The program includes trial versions of security software
from IBM and its partners. The IBM eNetwork Firewall for AIX and NT
protects network and business data while enabling e-business activities.

Norton AntiVirus products boost firewall security by offering 100 percent
detection of in-the-wild viruses and a built-in Trojan Horse detection
engine to guard against online programs that steal passwords or destroy data.
Also, its technology automatically blocks known destructive Active X
and Java applets from entering a user’s computer. Suspect files can be
quarantined and/or encrypted and e-mailed to the Symantec AntiVirus Research
Center (SARC) for analysis.

“Symantec has consistently demonstrated its technical leadership in
providing powerful and innovative anti-virus solutions to the market,” said
Gerry Young, eNetwork Firewall Project Office Manager, IBM. “By including
Norton AntiVirus in our eNetwork Firewall Solution Pack, we are able to offer
our customers the security they need to help ensure that their corporate data
is protected from costly and destructive virus invasion.”

“The IBM eNetwork Firewall Solution Pack Partner Program makes it easier
for corporate customers to build more bullet-proof firewalls,” said Enrique
Salem, vice president of Symantec’s security and assistance business unit.
“Norton AntiVirus plays an important role in this program by adding
invaluable virus protection functionality to the IBM eNetwork Firewall.”

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