IBM Rings in with Wireless Web Pacts

Not wanting to be left in the dust by the slew of players riding the
wireless applications train, IBM Corp.
Monday unveiled a series of initiatives with Nokia, Motorola and Cisco — all wireless infrastructure

First, IBM (IBM)
said it would work with Nokia (NOK) to
help network operators, ISPs and ASPs to deliver wireless e-business
services to their enterprise customers. This initiative will involve
collaboration on application enabling technologies via the Nokia Artus
Messaging Platform, IBM servers, and voice recognition and transcoding

Second, IBM and Motorola (MOT)
plan to create a “voice and data engine,” in which carriers could let mobile
workers have real-time access to e-mail, stock quotes, news and corporate
resources via wireless devices. Eventually, the firms will establish a joint
solutions center to feature a combination of technologies from both

Lastly, Cisco (CSCO)
is working with IBM to develop the next generation of wireless networks for
both enterprises and service providers. By combining Cisco’s networking
savvy with IBM’s open platforms for wireless applications, Cisco and IBM
hope to meet the growing demand for mobile e-business solutions.

“The real Internet economy will begin to take hold when the man in the
street has direct ‘always on’ access through the mobile Internet,” said
Robert Lloyd, vice president of Cisco’s enterprise line.” “As an access
method wireless will probably have the greatest growth in the near future,
enabling the mobility of the user anytime –anywhere. We see great
opportunity in both the enterprise and the consumer markets, which while
based on the same technical platform, will require different applications.”

Additionally, IBM Monday rolled out its WebSphere Everyplace Suite, new
server software that consists of the “software ingredients” required to
easily develop, manage and deliver applications to a variety of devices,
including wireless handsets, PDAs and other Net appliances.

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