ICSA Adds Intranet Module to Security Service

ICSA Inc. Wednesday added an intranet module to TruSecure, its network security offering.

TruSecure now includes an intranet module that provides system evaluation and information for administrators of internal corporate networks.

The product’s intranet security controls, developed by ICSA labs, allow administrators to look at evolving and changing threats to network security and keep administrators abreast of new threats. TruSecure’s security controls address all aspects of information security, including stopping malicious code, protecting privacy and minimizing downtime.

Peter Tippett, ICSA Inc.’s chairman and chief technologist, said the product allows corporations to address inside security issues logically and methodically.

“While outsider intrusion is and continues to be a growing concern, studies reveal that inside attacks are frequent and can be very destructive in terms of lost data, time and money. The intranet enhancement to TruSecure will help guard against disgruntled employees, innocent mistakes, improper information sharing and also regulates the administration of user rights and permissions,” he said.

TruSecure is designed to continually verify internal security measures are effectively performing. Pricing for the system depends on the size of the network.

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