Inktomi Unveils Enterprise Solutions

Inktomi Corp. today unveiled several new infrastructure software applications for global enterprises and service providers, with a new suite of offerings for content publishing, distribution, retrieval, management and security.

“We’re taking our leading-edge technology and applying it directly to applications,” Peter Galvin, VP and general manager, Enterprise Solutions, told InternetNews. “We’re giving people the ability to use technology that’s been around for a while in a new way.”

What Galvin terms an “evolutionary change” is accompanied by deals with three companies. First is the acquisition of eScene Networks Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of advanced streaming media applications and services. With the acquisition, Inktomi is now introducing Inktomi Media Publisher, a comprehensive solution for cataloging, indexing and publishing rich media content for corporate training, communications, marketing and commerce.

“The acquisition of eScene gives us the method of providing the front end of the publishing piece. An organization can create and distribute an index, manage files, and provide a mechanism to tell who can see the files,” Galvin said.

The company also formed technology alliances with digital workplace provider eRoom Technology Inc. and Netegrity Inc., a provider of software solutions for securely managing e-business. Inktomi’s technology alliance with eRoom will enable Inktomi enterprise search customers to access collaborative documents published within the eRoom digital workplace. The alliance between Inktomi and Netegrity will provide Inktomi Search Software and Netegrity SiteMinder customers with multiple user and document security capabilities, reducing the cost and complexity of managing and administering enterprise networks.

“Our alliance with Inktomi will enable joint customers to securely manage their business while providing customers with a simplified user experience,” said Bill Bartow, VP marketing at Netegrity. “The combination of our software products will deliver high quality and relevant search results, ease the administration of users, and provide centralized security management across all applications.”

Inktomi’s new software products for enterprises introduced today include Inktomi Media Publisher, Inktomi Traffic Core, Inktomi Traffic Edge and Inktomi Traffic Controller, comprising the Inktomi content networking solution. The new Inktomi Search Database Module enables the retrieval of structured information with a single query interface from Windows NT, UNIX and legacy databases.

These new Inktomi products build on the company’s existing solutions such as Inktomi’s Traffic Server network cache platform to connect users with multiple information sources; deliver comprehensive results through information delivery and retrieval; provide high performance, reliability and scalability; and offer management and security capabilities for enterprises.

“Our focus has traditionally been on infrastructure service providers, where the service provider provides their own solution,” Galvin said. “Enterprises want turn-key solutions that integrate with each other. This is our mechanism for delivering those solutions. We’re trying to provide tools that don’t exist today to publish content.”

Global financial services firm Morgan Stanley is deploying Inktomi networking technology to provide live and on-demand streaming capabilities in its Securities, Asset Management and Credit Services businesses. The company is planning to distribute a wide range of content, including strategic, time-sensitive financial analysis to employees around the world.

“The scope of our business requires that we offer employees real-time access to information, increasingly through streaming media and Web-based content and applications,” said Larry Goldman, vice president at Morgan Stanley. “Inktomi meets this need with high performance, highly scalable infrastructure software solutions.”

Ford Motor Company has deployed Inktomi Search Software and eRoom enterprise collaboration technology within its global network to provide its employees, suppliers and partners with resources for project management and information retrieval.

“Ford recognizes the importance of technology solutions that help foster relationships between employees, suppliers, partners and customers and encourage the sharing of knowledge,” said Steve Scheerhorn, manager, Knowledge Workplace Infrastructure, Ford Systems Integration Center, Ford Motor Company. “The technology alliance between Inktomi and eRoom will enable the integration of Inktomi’s robust enterprise search capabilities with eRoom’s digital workplace to extend and enhance the value of our collaborative work environment.”

“Our focus will continue to be on enterprises and service providers,” Galvin said. “They have very similar requirements: scalability, performance, reliability and security.”

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