Inline Releases iHTML 2.13 Enterprise Edition

Inline Internet
released iHTML 2.13 Enterprise Edition for creating dynamic
and interactive Web sites and intranet systems.

iHTML is a server side scripting/programming language that operates as an extension to HTML.

It can replace many tools currently used by Web developers to build high-end
Web sites, eliminating the need to create CGI programs by providing all
necessary technology such as HTML-like tags.

Inline said iHTML provides the necessary features and functionality to create Web sites that interact with databases, generate dynamic graphics, and interact with other sites, along with all the features found in traditional programming languages.

Also included is the iHTML Merchant system which allows small- and medium-sized companies to provide an electronic store front catalog system with five credit card clearing options including Cybercash and PC Authorize.
iHTML Merchant is built with the iHTML language and therefore is completely
customizable with the source files provided.

The merchant system handles complex shipping and tax calculations and
browser-based administration. It is also capable of handling multiple store
fronts on a single server. A preview is available online.

iHTML is also available in Freeware, Basic, Lite, and Pro editions. The
Enterprise edition is US$895 per server.

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