Intel Unveils LANDesk Management Suite 6.3

Intel Corp. Monday released LANDesk Management Suite 6.3, the latest upgrade of its systems management solution.

Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.3 extends its Web-based architecture to include Web-based
reporting of system information. The suite delivers heightened scalability to provide support for large, networked systems.

The new solution also enables custom queries, Web-based report generation and remote control and inventory of desktops and servers from any frames-enabled browser. This allows remote IT administrative responses to user needs. Inventory tools in LANDesk Management Suite 6.3 are also now scalable to 50,000 nodes from a single server.

“Businesses are looking for a flexible, scalable solution that will help them respond to user requests quickly,” said Dave Taylor, director of marketing for Intel’s system
management division. “The scalable Web-based architecture of Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.3 provides customers with the integrated tools and centralized control necessary for managing networked systems.”

Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.3 runs on both Microsoft Windows NT Server and Novell NetWare networks from a single point of administration connected via the Internet or a corporate intranet.

Intel LANDesk Client Manager 6 Intel Monday also announced the release of Intel LANDesk Client Manager 6, the next-generation solution for Web-based PC management.

With improved Web-enabled architecture, Intel LANDesk Client Manager 6 provides system administrators with access to PC management information from any Internet or intranet-connected console. It supports new industry specifications such as Web-based enterprise management and the common information model.

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