Intel Unveils Server Building Blocks

Intel Corp.
Monday released 12 new server “building blocks” based on the recently released Xeon processor and E7500 chipset.

The servers were developed by the Enterprise Platforms and Services division, whose mission, Marketing Manager Matt Lane told ServerWatch, is “To be the leading supplier of server building blocks by delivering winning products and advancing the Intel platform.”

To strive toward this goal, the company released a variety of dual- and multi-processor server boards, a RAID controller, several chassis, and two server management products.

The server components will be sold through the OEM and systems integrator market.

Three DP server boards were released: the Intel Server Board SE7500WV2, the Intel Server Board SE7500CW2, and the Intel Server BoardSHG2.

The Intel Server Board SE7500WV2, is “a low-end board with high-end features” according to Lane. Integrated with the new 1U Intel Server Chassis SR1300 and 2U Intel Server Chassis SR2300, the SE7500WV2 is designed for high density, rack-mount server environments. This server is being positioned for use in high-performance clusters, firewall, streaming media, and e-mail servers of small to midsize enterprises.

The Intel Server Board SHG2 and the new Intel Server Chassis SC5200 are designed for high-performance, expandable general-purpose servers and, according to Intel, are better-suited for more demanding uses, such as an application databases.

In the 4-way space, Intel unveiled the Intel Server Platform SRSH4, a 4-way server built around the Intel Xeon processor MP (optimized for 4U, high performance back-end computing environments), and the Intel Server Platform SPSH4, a 7U pedestal system.

Intel is targeting both platforms at enterprises with demanding computing needs, such as large department data centers or mid-tier and back-end application servers.

Intel also released a 4-way server for the entry-level server market segment. The Intel Entry Server Board S845WD1-E is a Pentium-4-based server board with key functionality for single processor server applications and tasks. It is built around the Intel 845E chipset and Pentium 4 processors. The S845WD1-E also features ECC DDR memory, dual on-board 10/100 server adapters (the Intel 82559), ATA RAID, and hardware monitoring.

In addition, Intel unveiled the Intel RAID Controller at this time. RAID Controller includes the RAID Controller SRCMR, which turns the on-board SCSI channel into a full-featured RAID, and ships with a new software stack.

On the software front, and also announced today, are new versions of Intel Server Management software. This product provides server management functionality on high-performance server boards, removing the need to install a remote management card. The software is designed to allow enterprises to remotely monitor and manage servers and comes with rack management features and installation wizards.

Finally, to help support and maintain these new products, Intel released a new edition of its Server Maintenance Reference Training (SMaRT) Tool CD. Version 4.1 of SMaRT Tool contains repair, maintenance, and training information for more than 30 Intel-based server products.

Although this is Intel’s second foray into the server market, in the first half of 2002 alone it introduced the most server products to date, Lane said.

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