Intranet Solutions Goes Wireless

IntraNet Solutions Inc.
Monday took steps to embrace the growing wireless trend by supporting
wireless platforms with its Xpedio intranet content management tool.

Xpedio now supports Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML), WAP and Wireless
Markup Language (WML) standards, in addition to current XML, HTML, and PDF
standards. With the support, content from desktops can be automatically
converted and formatted for wireless handheld devices such as palm
computers, cellular phones and pagers.

Xpedio is designed to enable customers to create templates that control the
presentation of the content and automatically reformats and filters the information for
delivery on handheld devices. Customers will be able to deliver information
to their workforce in the field such as customer data and pricing schedules.

“Up until now, publishing content for standard browser and wireless device
access meant developing and maintaining multiple versions of the
content — HTML, XML and WML,” said Dan Ryan, vice president of marketing
and business development at IntraNet Solutions (INRS).

“Xpedio enables
users to automatically publish to these multiple Web formats from a single
authoritative source. We are expanding Xpedio’s reach — from the
browser out to any handheld wireless device.”

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