Hits 200,000 Clients surpassed 200,000
registered sites this week, reaching the milestone less than nine months
since launching its free, online business applications.

The Web desktop for small businesses and organizations doubled its user base
less than three months since recording 100,000 registered sites, which lends
creedence to studies that claim the intranet sector is exploding.

Thus far, the idealab! child is a
successful venue for advertisers and partners searching for ways to reach
the small business audience. Studies indicate that the average
user is a male between the age of 25-44 and is employed as an executive at a
high technology company with about 50 employees.

“Our users are not only using their free intranets to post information and
communicate with colleagues and co-workers, but as an on-line desktop for
conducting everyday business, like ordering office supplies and making
travel arrangements,” said Steve Crummey, president and chief executive
officer of “Our customers log close to 20 million minutes a
month working on their intranets.”

Two weeks ago, the portal firm inked content deals with with and NeedBandwidth Inc. By offering their
own custom-branded intranet service to small and medium-sized business
users, and NeedBandwidth expect to benefit from increased
site traffic, improved stickiness, and shared revenue streams derived from

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