JAWS “L5” Encryption Better Late than Never

JAWS Technologies is now setting the launch date for its “L5” 4096 Bit Encryption as May 10th, 1998.

At that time, the company is expected to announce details of its $5,000,000 “Break the Code” contest.

The Launch of “L5” was originally scheduled for the first week in March. After delivering the software to a media duplicating service it was discovered that the manufacturer was unable to bypass the anti-duplication software component on the “L5” CD master copy.

The anti-duplication component of the “L5” software is proprietary to JAWS.
As a result, JAWS decided to take the manufacturing process in-house. The
required duplication machinery has been purchased and is now being installed.

JAWS Technologies is the owner and developer of what may be
the world’s strongest encryption software, JAWS “L5” 4096 Bit Encryption.
With its numerous programming enhancements and abilities, JAWS “L5” is fully
developed security software suitable for both personal and corporate
security use.

Security has become the single most important issue in the current IT
paradigm shift. As the rapid change from private system computing to public system computing continues, the opportunities for intruders and the need for improved security escalates. Amateur and highly paid professional hackers threaten to out-pace the abilities of the security solution providers.

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