Lariat Unveils Broadcast Management System

Lariat Software Inc. has shipped a broadcast management system that combines elements of
traditional broadcasting, rich digital media and the Web.

StationManager 2.0 is geared to offer an
automated way to plan, program and present various types of digital media
content to target audiences.

Features include: a single-source solution for
broadcasting on Internet or intranet sites, MPEG and multicast support,
enhanced scheduling functionality, a wizard to expedite searches and
multi-account, and channel management capabilities.

The product empowers
customers to target media for mixed audiences or unique audience segments; reduce labor time and costs-using recurring programming; apply existing programs across channels; and create flexible programs by allowing users to mix live,
targeted and on-demand content, and make modifications quickly.

The product’s interface
supports enterprise and group workflow, allowing multiple users to manage
content and automatically publish a scheduled program guide to the Web.

“Technology solutions have made digital audio and video file creation
commonplace in business environments,” said Andrew Fry, chief executive officer and chief
strategist of Lariat.

“Corporate and sales presentations, music content, and
a host of training content needs to be quickly packaged and presented in a
controlled fashion to key constituents,” he said. “We have applied important
broadcast management techniques to this product to assist networks,
corporations or any e-business to easily produce and target these valuable
communications to customers, partners and shareholders.”

The product requires an Internet Explorer or Netscape browser,
RealNetworks or Microsoft Windows Media server, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or
Unix operating system.

Pricing starts at $5,000.

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