Trumpets Flat-Fee Licensing Inc. Monday moved to further its attempt to push into the operating system space with a flat-fee licensing plan designed
to entice OEMs into the fold.

The plan will allow equipment manufacturers to bundle the LindowsOS on as many machines as they want, without having to
pay per-machine costs.

“We spent a lot of time talking to literally hundreds of computer builders, getting their input,” said Michael Robertson, chief
executive officer of “They told us they wanted a simple choice that wouldn’t require per-copy tracking, registration
codes, and long-term commitments, all of which negatively impacts profits.”

Dubbed the Builder Program, the plan allows OEMs to bundle the LindowsOS
with their machines for $500 a month.

By signing up for the program, OEMs are eligible to receive LindowsOS certification, and also gain access to the Builder’s Resource
Area, which consists of tools and support for testing, installing and selling LindowsOS.

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