Lucent and Sun Think More Mobile

Sun Microsystems Monday said it has again teamed with Lucent Technologies to offer new wireless and wireline services.

The two companies say they are building on their November 2002 agreement to again offer service providers their personal brand of mobile service delivery, messaging and unified communications, intelligent networking and convergent communications.

The offerings are comprised of Lucent’s MiLife Intelligent Services Gateway (ISG), the Aligo M-1 Mobile Application Server and the Sun ONE (Open Net Environment) platform, brought together through Lucent’s MiLife Developers Program.

The strategy is also built around Sun’s revised Telecom Service Delivery Framework, which uses a variety of other Sun technologies — including Java, Solaris Operating Environment and iForce partners — to let providers rollout messaging, m-Commerce, location-based services, games and pictures. Santa Clara, Calif.-based said the revisions were made to incorporate its three major delivery platforms: Project Orion, N1, and SunTone.

“The concept of the network will evolve to center around the individual’s identity and his or her data, rather than expecting the individual to conform his or her needs to the device,” said Sun vice president Dan Miller. “Simply, we want to enable smart, personalized networks to be accessible via any device, anywhere. Sun and its partners are undertaking the responsibility to pave the road towards this end, providing a roadmap that helps transform service providers into unique players of the connected world, in order to make the personal network a reality, and the device as practical to personal data access as the automatic teller machine is for getting cash.”

For Lucent’s part, the New Jersey-based telecom equipment, manufacturer is offering its next-generation AnyPath Messaging Platform as a distributed architecture in concert with Sun’s StorEdge 3310 SCSI advanced storage system to help launch messaging applications across multiple networks.

As far as Web services-based applications and NEBS-certified telecommunications server functions, Lucent has selected Sun’s new carrier-grade Netra 1280 server as the hardware platform for some of its Intelligent Networking products, including the PacketIN Data Server and the Super Distributed Home Locator Register (SDHLR). The NEBs-certified, DC powered 12-way system can run large database applications, such as pre-paid billing management, Home Location Register (HLR), OSA/Parlay Gateways and Operations Maintenance and Control (OMC-R) applications.

Lucent is also offering its Enhanced Business Services (EBS) platform. The IP feature server delivers voice and data applications through a Web portal, based on Sun ONE. EBS acts as a bridge between and end user’s telephone and the network, which could in turn offer new communications capabilities including click-to-dial, call logging, unified messaging and enhanced call options. Lucent says the interface enables service providers to offer a hosted PBX-like technology.

“The work that we’re doing together will bring our service provider customers comprehensive and innovative solutions for service delivery around mobility, messaging and other key initiatives,” Miller said.

The new hardware and software products are expected to be offered to both Lucent and Sun customers worldwide.

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