Marimba Releases Timbale Enterprise Solution

Electronic management provider Marimba
Monday rolled out Timbale for server
management, a new product from Marimba designed to control content
replication across the intranets and extranets.

Offering deployment preview, verify/repair, and near real-time monitoring of
the deployment status, the product allows enterprises, application service
providers and Web hosts to control how and when applications are activated
across Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX server platforms.

Timbale for server management’s preview option determines if the server has
sufficient capacity to accommodate new content, while the stage option
distributes all content to servers without disturbing existing content, so
that new content across multiple servers can be activated simultaneously. To
aid diagnosis and repair, near real-time status of the deployment can be
displayed, while centralized
error and audit logs provide complete deployment details. Error conditions
can be fixed by either rolling back to previous content, or repaired without
additional data transfer if content has been accidentally corrupted.

With its remote administration function, functions can be accessed remotely
via a browser interface or with a command-line interface. Access to a
command-line interface also provides simple and straightforward integration
with all server functions. Additional control options such as e-mail
notification, starting, stopping and integrating with server applications,
as well as integrating with external load balancing systems can be accessed
via pre- and post-processing scripts.

The Timbale product line is built upon the same technology base as Marimba’s
Castanet product line. Its features include:

  • Bandwidth efficiency through compression, byte-level differencing and
    bandwidth control

  • Built-in security with encryption and digital certificates
  • Transactional delivery and activation with checkpoint restart, data
    integrity checks and atomic updates

  • Fault tolerance with error detection, correction and rollback

  • File and application self-repair
  • Cross-platform transfer between Windows NT and UNIX servers

Jacqueline Ross, vice president of marketing for Marimba (MRBA)
said the suite was necessary to keep up with “the explosion in
Internet-based commerce,” which has led to a great need for “management
solutions that can span the complex array of Web servers, application
servers and database servers that comprise
the back-end infrastructure.”

Timbale for Server Management is scheduled to be available in the second
quarter of 2000. Marimba Monday also rolled out Timbale’s management tool
for server-based, thin-client computing environments and its application for
Windows terminal services.

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