MCI WorldCom Dials-Up Intranets

MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks Wednesday debuted Remote Office, a service designed to connect remote offices to corporate intranets through a single local dial-up connection.

Remote Office was created with Cisco Systems technology and replaces a Wide Area Network (WAN) with a Local Area Network (LAN). The end-to-end service uses routers to securely link multiple simultaneous users at a remote location to the corporate intranet through one connection.

MCI said the service will reduce telecommunication costs and streamline network management. It is targeted to remote access and virtual private network customers, and supports
both Internet Protocol (IP) and Novell IPX.

“Remote Office is a unique offering in today’s marketplace,” said Dennis Brouwer, vice president,
product marketing, MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks.

“We continue to be committed to providing our Global 2000 customers with solutions that streamline network management and reduce costs.”

Remote Office supports speeds up to 56Kbps and 128 Kbps for Integrated
Services Digital Network (ISDN) and is available in 100 countries around the globe.

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