Microsoft Spruces Up Home Video Content

Internet video outfitter Virage Inc. Thursday licensed its indexing platform to Microsoft Corp.’s in-house production and archive group.

Microsoft Studios has selected the Virage Internet Video Application platform to facilitate its video content via its intranet.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

One can imagine the colossal amount of content MS Studios — over one
million digital assets with 50,000 to 80,000 new items added every month —
and Microsoft is revamping its system with Virage’s
help to make calling up video content much snappier.

Likening the switchover to going from rifling through file cabinets to a
search engine, Kevin Comerford, manager of Microsoft Studios, said Virage’s
system, provides a “cost-effective way to maximize the value of the video we
produce and acquire.”

“Like any large corporation, Microsoft needs to get maximum value from the
increasing amount of video it generates,” said John Parker, senior analyst
at Aberdeen Group.

“The Virage/Microsoft relationship is significant for both companies: it
gives Microsoft the edge by transforming video into easily managed
information, while providing another good example of how Virage adds
strategic value in the corporate environment.”

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