NetObjects Adds Dreamweaver Support to Intranet Server

NetObjects, Inc. Wednesday announced it will integrate Macromedia’s Dreamweaver application into its NetObjects Authoring Server for intranets.

The integration allows intranet developers to create dynamic pages. With the connector, Dreamweaver-generated files can be uploaded to NAS
where they can be managed within the Authoring Server asset manager. The pages can also be accessed from the Authoring Server for modification independently of any NetObjects client and be combined with other assets for publishing to any Web server.

“By providing this connector, Web site developers who use Dreamweaver can now be part of the
controlled collaborative intranet site building process,” said Morris Taradalsky, executive vice president of
the enterprise division at NetObjects.

“This helps reduce time-to-market by allowing both business users and developers utilize the products that they are most familiar with. No other Web authoring product on the market can provide this advantage the way NAS does.”

NAS has already integrated Microsoft’s FrontPage tool into the server. Its other features include
central control over workflow and Web production and ease of administration.

NetObjects said its Authoring Server Connector for Macromedia Dreamweaver is expected to be available by year’s end.

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