Netscape To Release Meta-Directory for Intranets

Netscape Communications Corp. has added to its browser offerings by this week announcing Meta-Directory 1.0, a product suite that allows legacy integration of corporate data into intranet and extranet applications.

Netscape is working closely with ISOCOR on the advanced meta-directory technology needed for
Meta-Directory 1.0.

Available later in the year, Meta-Directory will make disparate directory information from human resource systems, databases, messaging systems, network operating system (NOS) directories
and other corporate systems available to e-commerce applications, the company said. It will include Netscape Directory Server, the meta-directory server and a number of key connectors.

“Netscape and ISOCOR are working together to provide a comprehensive meta-directory solution. We believe this will help accelerate corporate deployment of meta-directories as customers increasingly embrace the solution as an industry standard,” said David Weiden, vice president of directory and security products at Netscape.

Netscape has already indicated that the pricing of the suite will begin at $3.75 per user for extranets and $15 per user for intranets. The product will be available as an optional addition to the new Netscape Directory Server for Secure E-Commerce, which was also announced this week.

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