Nokia Blends Viewing Technology with New Mobile Phone

A week after launching the latest version of its popular OutsideIn® viewing technology, IntraNet Solutions Inc. inked a deal with Nokia Corp. in which the mobile technology purveyor will embed the technology into one its newest mobile phones.

Financial terms were not made public.

Finnish Nokia, which has labored with IntraNet Solutions for more than a
year to create mobile intranet interoperability, will add Outside In to the
new Nokia 9210 Communicator in the form of Nokia File Viewer. Announced at a
conference in Prague last week, Nokia 9210 Communicator is a GSM 900/1800
mobile phone with an integrated full keyboard, Internet connectivity, color
display and new personalization features.

This viewing technology, recently released for the Symbian software platform
for next-generation smart phones and communicators, gives users the ability
to view more than 75 file formats created in standard business applications
on their mobile phones, without access to the native application.

This means users may easily view e-mail attachments and other business
content, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, graphics and zipped
files, on their mobile phones.

Robert Olson, chief executive officer of IntraNet Solutions, said landing
the deal with such as strong mobile player as Nokia is good indication as to
what regard Outside In is held in.

“We believe that our mobile solutions are becoming a standard in the
industry, and we are committed to continually enhancing our technology to
meet the growing needs of the wireless marketplace.”

Though the company is better known for its Xpedio Content Management system,
IntraNet Solutions’ Outside In Viewer Technology is licensed by more than
200 firms, including Hummingbird, FileNET and Lucent Technologies.

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