Nokia Rolls Out Enterprise WAP Server

Nokia Monday released the newest version of its corporate WAP server for enterprise customers and mobile Internet service providers.

The Nokia (NOK) WAP Server Version 1.1, lets companies provide their employees and clients with mobile access to corporate intranets and extranets. The new tool will allow secure and easy access for simultaneous users to popular applications including e-mail, schedules, directories and contacts as well as business specific applications, via a WAP-enabled mobile device.

Large corporations will benefit from the UNIX platforms used in the Nokia WAP Server 1.1 as several thousand users can access the server simultaneously. The new version also provides more capacity for e-business service providers and mobile ISPs as it is able to support a market of millions of WAP enabled devices.

The Nokia WAP Server 1.1 also provides an over-the-air provisioning tool, a feature that automatically programs settings and allows
easy and immediate access to corporate data and mobile Internet sites. Therefore Nokia has augmented Nokia’s security pack for the Nokia WAP Server 1.1 with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for accessing origin servers over the Internet, in addition to already available Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) functionality.

“As the penetration of WAP applications and WAP-enabled devices continues to increase, concerns regarding scalability and reliability become real issues for service providers,” Pertti Lounamaa, vice president of Nokia Internet Communications. “Nokia addresses those concerns through this new version of Nokia WAP Server on UNIX platforms.”

Last week, Nokia said it is working with Hewlett Packard (HP), IBM (IBM)and Scandinavian e-commerce company Nocom to develop a solution for easy access toe-commerce sites from mobile phones.

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