Oracle Introduces Enterprise Management Tools

Oracle Corp. released today three new
information management solutions for the enterprise.

For use with Oracle8 and Oracle7 databases, the Enterprise Manager
are designed to provide systems administrators with the means for solving complex problems and optimizing network performance.

The first of the tools, the Oracle Diagnostics Pack, enables users to
monitor and analyze the enterprise’s database performance, as well as plan
for future system needs.

The second component, the Oracle Tuning Pack, performs database tuneups and
works to identify system problems such as poorly constructed databases. The
Pack also comes with training tools to help educate administrators as they
conduct their jobs.

The third product, the Oracle Change Management Pack, helps to eliminate
errors and potential loss of data that may occur during system upgrades.
Wizards come with the Pack to guide the user through the steps of an upgrade.

All three packs are available now as additions to an Oracle database product.

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