Makes Browser a Webcaster

Trio Systems LLC this week debuted a new desktop broadcasting service,, that records, and automatically optimizes, converts, and hosts RealAudio
presentations for broadcast over the Internet. is based on Panagram Server which can be licensed for
installation by ISPs and by corporations for intranet applications.

“Anyone with a microphone and a PC can start broadcasting on the Internet,”
commented Alan Bartholomew, president of Trio Systems. uses SoniClear/NP, a Windows browser plugin that manages the
process of creating RealAudio files and uploading them to
SoniClear/NP includes VoiceBoost digital signal processing to focus the sound
frequency spectrum when the recording is converted to RealAudio format.

VoiceBoost DSP optimizations include:

  • Multiband voice-optimized compression for punch
  • Automatic de-esser for sibilance reduction
  • Presence boost for intelligibility
  • Normalization for maximum output level
  • Peak limiter for controlling overload distortion
  • Smart expansion gate for reduced background noise

The service is available free for personal, non-commercial
applications. Users can create RealAudio voice recordings up to two minutes in
length. One megabyte of free disk space is included for storing recordings
(about 15 minutes of talk time). The free service is advertising supported.

The Business Service offers enhanced, commercial-use hosting for a fee.

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