Planet Intra Upgrades Intranet Solution

Planet Intra Wednesday unveiled an
upgraded version of its intranet solution, with improved functionality and

Planet Intra 2.4 has been re-designed with a faster intranet engine, an
improved user interface and increased customization
capabilities. A color customization tool allows businesses’ to build their
intranet to be consistent with the image and brand of the
company. The calendar and contact manager have also been updated to
accommodate personal events and contacts for users
within the organization.

Also, the “What’s New” section, which formerly provided users with new
uploaded documents and files, has been upgraded to display daily events
pertinent to each individual employee and new postings from the discussion

“In addition to all the functionality, an intranet should reflect the
personality of a company,” said Alan McMillan, chief executive officer of
Planet Intra.”Planet Intra’s new customization features allow a company’s
Intranet to reflect its brand and image, as well as personalize the
experience for its individual users.”

Planet Intra 2.4 also includes a file recognition feature that identifies the file type
and displays the appropriate icon. Planet Intra 2.4 now supports Windows
2000, in addition to Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, Solaris and Linux.

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