Plumtree Launches Corporate Portal Seminar Series

Corporate portal supplier Plumtree
Wednesday kicked off a free 13-city
corporate portal seminar series featuring portal analysts from Gartner Group
and META Group.

Some of Plumtree’s partners, including IBM, Screaming Media, eRoom
Technology and MicroStrategy, will also be discussing application
integration at select seminars. The half-day seminar features separate
technical and executive tracks. In the first, presenters will discuss the
architecture of the Plumtree corporate portal. In the second,
representatives will elucidate on the place of a corporate portal in an
e-business strategy.

At the seminars, industry analysts from Gartner Group or META Group will
offer insight into the developing corporate portal market.
Analysts will discuss:

  • What are corporate portals and how will they evolve?
  • How will enterprises best leverage corporate portals?
  • How will enterprises best manage corporate portals and the risk
    associated with relatively immature technology?

  • What are the emerging uses of corporate portals?

Those interested may register for the seminar here.

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