PowerPlay Server Web Edition 5.5 Enhanced

Cognos released its PowerPlay Server Web Edition 5.5 which is designed to deliver enterprise-wide multidimensional analysis of data via the familiar Web browser interface.

The new version features distributed processing and load balancing using a
separate dispatch server for optimum performance and unprecedented
scalability across multiple servers.

Cube-to-cube drill through allows users to move seamlessly between PowerCubes (PowerPlay data sources) so that users have access to the entire scope of data within their enterprises.

In addition, the release marks the first version of PowerPlay Server Web
Edition to include support for UNIX servers along with existing Windows NT support. The product provides a Java-based administration application to allow for server optimization and administration from multiple platforms.

Distributed processing and load balancing allow companies with large user
communities to set up multiple servers, and the product’s central dispatch
server automatically ensures that processing is conducted on the
least-occupied server.

This delivers scalability for large implementations and consistent,
optimized response times for users. A Java application also allows administrators to monitor and optimize server management from any platform.

PowerPlay Server Web Edition 5.5 is available for HP/UX, Sun Solaris, IBM
AIX, and Windows NT. Client access is provided through popular Web browsers.

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