Qualys Intros Outward-Facing SaaS

Qualys today introduced QualysGuard 5.0, an AJAX-based Software as a Service (SaaS)  security system, at the RSA Conference. It’s designed to provide compliance and risk assessment and offer a continuous view of a company’s security systems.

One of the major changes to QualysGuard 5.0 is its ability to parallelize scans, so it can perform 10 scans at a time. One of Qualys’s customers is Microsoft , which uses QualysGuard to scan the MSN network.

Thanks to parallelization, scan time dropped from two days to eight hours, according to Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. That’s just for scanning the perimeter of the network, the outward-facing side. Qualys also makes it possible to scan internal networks.

Because it functions as a service and scans the outside of the network, IT managers won’t have to install anything. They just sign up for the service.

“This is the future we are building,” Courtot told internetnews.com. “This is the way I believe enterprise software will evolve. No one will want to buy this kind of enterprise software that you have to install and maintain.”

QualysGuard 5.0 features a new AJAX-based UI for the control dashboard. This will reduce the learning curve for new customers and make it easier for Qualys to roll out new features and functionality. It also makes it easier to manage and delegate scanning, reporting and remediation on a business unit or network basis.

The new XML APIs allows partners to integrate QualysGuard into their existing portal and monitoring solutions and build new applications or solutions on top of the platform.

QualysGuard 5.0 will be generally available in March. It is available in a preview mode for now.

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