Quantex Delivers New Caching Appliance

Quantex Microsystems Inc. Thursday
unveiled WebXL, an enhanced Net caching tool powered by Novell Inc.’s caching system.

WebXL increases Internet and intranet server performance tenfold and offers faster Web navigation. It also reduces the number of high bandwidth connections to the Net and can be easily integrated in any network environment.

The appliance is a turnkey solution available in a number of options —
cluster-ready, rack-mountable and configured in forward, transparent, or
reverse proxy modes.

WebXL features easy installment: in less than ten minutes it can be
implemented in any IP system, including Windows NT, Cisco and Unix. It also improves local WAN bandwidth efficiency up to 30 percent.

“WebXL delivers excellent performance and reliability,” said Smitha
Deshpande, director of Internet solutions, Novell Inc. (NOVL)
With our ICS product, Quantex is able to accelerate today’s e-commerce

Quantex is a leading manufacturer of business desktops, workstations,
servers, notebooks and home PC’s in the direct channel.

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