RealNetworks Unveils “G2” intranet Solution

RealNetworks, Inc. introduced today the RealSystem G2 Intranet Solution, a standards-based streaming media product designed to deliver multimedia content over enterprise networks.

Aimed at corporations looking to create intranet-based training, presentations, and communications, RealNetworks said the new system delivers synchronized audio, video, animation, images, slides, and text to employee desktops, both locally and remotely.

The RealSystem G2 Intranet Solution, which features RealServers and RealPlayers, as well as RealPublisher and RealPresenter authoring tools, is designed for broadcasting live meetings, sales force training, and enterprise learning, according to RealNetworks.

Introduced at the RealNetworks Conference ’98 today, the G2 Intranet Solution received industry support from over 100 technology companies. They include Adobe Systems, Associated Press, Checkpoint Software, CyberCash, Digital Equipment Corporation, Eagle River Interactive, Informix Software, OpenMarket, Macromedia, Microsoft, NetObjects, Sun Microsystems, and others.

“Streaming media solutions from RealNetworks have allowed us to add
valuable new multimedia capabilities to our corporate Web site and intranet,”
said Cheryl Quist, director of electronic marketing, Novell, Inc., in a statement.

“For example, we’ve been able to make video broadcasts of trade show addresses by Novell executives available to our entire company, and to customers, investors, partners and the media worldwide. In addition, we’re using RealNetworks in a new program of company-wide ‘town hall’ meetings that allow our top executives to address all employees on our intranet.”

In a separate announcement, RealNetworks said it expanded the Real Developer Program to include new resources and information for Web developers, content creators, and application developers designing solutions based on the RealSystem G2 Intranet Solution.

For more information on G2, and related news from the RealNetworks Conference ’98, see RealNetworks’ product annoucement page.

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