Rodin, Worldwide Online Sign Network Alliance

Rodin Intelligent Enterprise Networks and Worldwide Online Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Worldwide Data, Inc., this week formed a strategic alliance whereby Worldwide will become the Web and e-commerce developer for clients using Rodin’s high-speed network.

This network will provide T1, xDSL, and ATM services to clients in over 400 locations across Ontario and will expand across North America and then globally.

Rodin focuses on the sale, design and integration of computer, Internet/intranet, and communication networks.

“Now that clients finally have access to low-cost, high-speed networks, they are demanding interactive, high-caliber Web sites as well as complete, intranet and e-commerce solutions,” said Romeo Colacitti, president of Worldwide Online Corp.

According to the agreement, Worldwide will introduce new products and services, to enhance the use of the network, and to ensure that clients remain on the leading edge of technology.

“Today, we’re offering Web and intranet developments, but very soon, these will grow to client and industry-specific applications such as distance-learning, tele-medicine, and computer-telephony integration services, among others,” says Colacitti.

Worldwide Online is an Internet service provider that offers Internet access for client companies around the world.

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