Sniffer’s Stab at Security Threats With New Blade

Network security software firm Sniffer Technologies is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for enterprise security diagnostics with the launch of its new blade-based appliance.

The subsidiary of Network Associates is rolling out its Network Protection Platform for enterprises and service providers. At its core is the new s6040 appliance, styled as a rack-mounted high-speed unit for network analysis, performance and fault management.

Sniffer said the appliance is designed to sit at the center of a data network in order to monitor network traffic and packet-level details and “quickly isolate, evaluate, and troubleshoot network security and performance issues.”

The s6040 features room for up to four blades that support full-duplex gigabit links offering high-speed capture capabilities with run time aggregation for enterprise networks, Sniffer Technologies explained.

Sniffer Technologies is launching the all-in-one platform as IT departments scramble to react to a litany of issues such as an increasing number of virus alerts.

A company spokesman said the Network Protection Platform could help shift an IT department’s emphasis toward being proactive instead of reactive to security threats.

With a blade-based architecture, the company plans to add new features and capabilities in future upgrades.

The s6040 appliance builds on the company’s Distributed Expert product and promises the “fastest monitoring rate” for enterprise clients. On full-duplex Gigabit networks, for instance, Sniffer Technologies said the s6040 could support up to 75 percent network use and with traffic bursts to 100 percent utilization.

The single-box appliance can accommodate up to four independent
full-duplex Gigabit media modules for a total capacity of eight Gigabit lengths, features that allow simplified configuration and management and future expansion with reduced physical space requirements.

Tuesday’s product launches include a beefed-up Sniffer Distributed software, which offers fault and network performance management from the core of the network to the remote office. The company said the new Sniffer Distributed 4.3 version would provide increased reporting and analysis.

Sniffer Distributed 4.3 also comes with new software key licensing terms to allow businesses to purchase monitoring software for small sites or remote locations separately.

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