Sonera Launches VPN Security Service in Europe

European telco Sonera
Solutions Ltd.
this week launched a virtual private network (VPN)
throughout Europe, and reportedly is the first such network in the region.

Sonera Secure Personal VPN service provides the data security required for
using the open
Internet in corporate communications globally. The service encrypts the
traffic between the end-user’s workstation or laptop computer and the
company’s Sonera DataNet-network Internet access point, so data is never
transported unencrypted in the public network.

The service utilizes the TeamWARE Intranet Security Server as the service
platform, and is targeted to companies’ telecommuters and small branch

“The new service is a part of Sonera’s data security services and future
VPN service portfolio based on encryption,” said Jukka T. Leinonen,
managing director of Sonera Solutions Ltd.

“It enables our corporate customers to safely utilize the Internet in their
business, for example as part of telecommuting.”

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