Sprint Fills Enterprise Gap

Voice and data carrier Sprint has a new offering for corporate customers who need secure networking between multiple locations but don’t have enough data to justify a T-1.

Frame Relay over DSL (FRoDSL) is an end-to-end protocol allowing customers to use DSL connections to access Sprint’s frame relay network.

“Businesses have been waiting for a product like (this) because it meets their needs for a solution with the capability of frame relay and flexibility of broadband access without the traditional cost,” said Randy Ritter, a Sprint vice president.

The offering from Overland Park, Kansas-based Sprint, also comes with competitive service level agreements, Ritter said.

Some examples of potential customers include retail stores and manufacturers with separate distribution facilities.

In other Sprint news, the company said it is pursuing the insurance industry with a new package of services. The initiative is based on research that shows insurers’ IT spending will climb to 8 percent of revenues.

The IT invesments are being made to save money, improve Internet transactions, and improve call centers while at the same time bolstering security and customer privacy.

Among the industry-specific offerings from Sprint are call center programs, business continuity planning, service level agrements, hosting, data managements and managed securtiy.

Sprint already counts Mutual of Omaha and Blue Cross Blue Sheild Association as customers.

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