Sun ONE Shines Down Under

Sun Microsystems has inked a deal with Australia’s
number one telecommunications carrier Telstra to supply
hardware and software to Telstra’s new open services platform (OSP).

Financial terms of the multi-year deal were not announced but it is widely
viewed as a major client win for the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company’s
Sun, which is putting up its Sun ONE Web Services platform against competing
Web Services initiatives from IBM and Microsoft.

Telstra, which hawks landline, wireless and ISP services in Australia, plans
to tie its online services and data network into the SunONE platform to
create an open environment on which any business can deliver services,
content and applications to users at anytime, anyplace and on any device.

Once the integration gets rolling, it lets Telstra launch an array of Web
services to the business and consumer markets to can allow a user to access
content or check e-mail from a range of devices, without requiring multiple

The two companies said the deal would ultimately lower costs for developer
communities and businesses looking to market online applications, such as
unified messaging and payment technologies on Telstra’s networks.

Telstra chief executive officer Ziggy Switkowski hailed the deal as a sign
the company would embrace the openness of future technologies.

“The new
technology environment will effectively open our networks and platforms to
the IT industry for the development and hosting of the customer applications
of the future,” Switkowski said.

Telstra said the deal also calls for the use of Sun’s portfolio of
consulting, training and support services. The two companies plan to use
Sun’s iForce Center in Sydney, Australia to develop and test services for
Telstra, the Java developer community and its third-party partners.

Telstra network, which is 50 percent owned by the Australian government,
offers broadband, IP, mobile and intelligent network services, voice and
data network hubs, call centers and multimedia and e-commerce applications.
The company has business operations in North America, UK/Europe and the
Asia-Pacific region.

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