Sun, SAP Spice Up Alliance With Grid Tech

Sun Microsystems is ramping up its long-time alliance with SAP by providing grid computing infrastructure and services for the applications giant, in a deal to be announced Monday.

Called the Sun Infrastructure Solution for N1 Grid for SAP Solutions, the latest offering is aimed at lowering costs for customers looking to consolidate equipment in their data centers.

Santa Clara, Calif.’s Sun said its N1 Grid technologies will allow customers to manage multiple computers in a network as one by using virtualization to pool servers and storage. This will help SAP
customers break from the costly tradition of using dedicated servers for one

The Sun Infrastructure Solution will make it possible for SAP customers to
accelerate the separation of application to physical computer, providing
more efficient use of hardware in their data centers. Moreover, on-the-fly
provisioning will help ensure that left over capacity can be reallocated to
other applications in the network.

Available June 1, Sun’s Infrastructure Solution for N1 Grid for SAP
Solutions includes hardware and software, services, a reference architecture
and an audit and certification program to make sure service level agreements
are met, Sun said in a public statement.

In the package, Sun will provide servers and storage hardware, the Solaris
Operating System, a complete storage area network (SAN), the Sun
Java Enterprise System, database software, and SAP application software. Sun
experts will set up and test the solution, as part of the services

Sun rivals IBM , HP and Dell are all working to fill up their score cards with significant
customer wins involving grid computing , which allows
multiple computers and servers to work together on one task.

For Walldorf, Germany’s SAP, choosing Sun seems to be a logical choice
because of the companies’ rich history. In March, the two concerns opened
the Sun Excellence Center for SAP NetWeaver in Walldorf, Germany. Last year,
the companies opened the Sun-SAP Joint Java Technology Center, in Walldorf.

The agreement, announced at SAP’s annual Sapphire conference in New Orleans,
is the second major technology extension for SAP of late. SAP boosted a
long-standing relationship with Dell, as the two agreed to
Dell servers for SAP applications.

Terms of the deal, a prelude to Sun’s next major technology launch, were not disclosed.

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